4 Irish Whiskey cocktails for my friend’s St. Patty’s Day dinner party


A good friend of mine is having a dinner party tomorrow night to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  He is inviting a select group of friends whom he thinks are doing interesting work in the world and will all get along together.  I was honored to be included on his guest list.

Today, I got a text from him asking, “Can you invent/adapt a cocktail that uses Jameson for tomorrow night?”  Right after I quit being paranoid that the only reason he invited me to the party was so that he could have a free bartender, I got really excited to take on this challenge.

Then I remembered that I am not that familiar with Jameson.  For awhile, back in my 20s, I was really into Bushmills which I would drink up and in large quantities.  That’s the extent of my experience with Irish whiskey.  So, in order for me to invent an Irish whiskey cocktail, I would need to do a good deal of experimentation.  But, here’s the thing.  A) I don’t have a lot of time and b) I don’t have a bottle of Jameson.  And I don’t feel like buying one.

Plan B.  Go to the experts.  Between Imbibe Magazine and Serious Eats, I found 4 Irish whiskey cocktails that I hope are going to wow this select group of movers and shakers.  I am a big fan of very simple cocktail recipes – 4 ingredients or less if possible – and all of these pretty much fit the bill.  Plus, the ingredients are ones that are relatively common for a home bar…not too out there for an amateur mixologist like me.  So, I figure, instead of impressing my friend and his guests with an original cocktail that I invented, I can instead impress them with a variety of cocktails that they can choose from.

Here’s the menu for tomorrow night:

Jameson quartet

The Weeski – Irish whiskey, Lillet Blanc, Cointreau, orange bitters

The Blarney Stone – Irish whiskey, lime juice, ginger beer

The Dead Rabbit Tipperary – Irish whiskey, sweet vermouth, green chartreuse, orange bitters

The Emerald – Irish whiskey, sweet vermouth, orange bitters

I am totally confident I can pull off this menu.  Maybe you will try one or some of these cocktails for your St. Patty’s Day dinner party too.  Tell me how it goes, we can compare notes.

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