Sphere Ice Molds for Classic Cocktails


I don’t work for Tovolo and I hold no interest in this Seattle-based company. But these folks sure know how to support the making of more effective, exquisite ice cubes. I posted a while ago about Tovolo’s small and large ice cube trays for square ice. Well, as so many have promised, it really does get better! Granted, that inspired and inspiring¬†campaign is about giving much needed hope to LGBT youth. I love that campaign and its message and how it has caught fire and possibly saved lives. I also love the phrase. There’s a really great song by fun. called It Gets Better that I totally recommend, too. But I digress. Significantly.

Back to ice: My latest acquisition for better living through the homemade cocktail is Tovolo’s Sphere Ice Molds for Classic Cocktails. The product comes as a set of 2 molds. They are super easy to use and they work perfectly. Theoretically, a round ice cube is more effective than a square one. I haven’t read much about the science behind that, but these beauties provide quick cooling in tandem with slow melting. So you can keep your cocktail cool without it getting quickly watered down. The molds are made of silicone and produce 2.5 inch cubes. They are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. I friggin’ love them. In fact, I gotta stop typing so I can go have some of my favorite bourbon over it. I decided to go with straight whiskey on this night in part because the morning was spent in Fairfield, California talking with social workers from about ten counties in the greater Bay Area about the foster kids on their case load who are looking for a ‘forever family.’ Luckily we attended with our good friends David and Kyle who always add humor and encouragement to life. It was a very exciting, heart-breaking, sobering, and uplifting event… and we didn’t even stop at the local Jelly Belly factory. If you see a foster kid out there, please tell them it gets better. Cheers.

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