Look What I Did! “Grandma’s Cocktail Cherries”

Cocktail Cherries

For some reason, I have been equally drawn to and terrified by the idea of canning, preserving, pickling, fermenting, brewing…anything.  I even signed up for a class once.  Then, didn’t show up.

I’m not the only one with this intense fear/drive.  Where does it come from?  Perhaps the drive comes from the need to prove to ourselves that, if the apocalypse comes and we all lose our smartphones along with the ability to conjure GrubHub/Seamless/SpoonRocket, we can still take care of ourselves and our families.  And the fear comes from the fact that, when we inevitably mess it up (which most do on the first try), we will simply be proving our complete helplessness and disconnection from the Earth.

Well, I say, enough of this dystopian misery.  I may be helpless today but I am human, dammit.  American, even.  I can pull myself up by my bootstraps and learn how to do ANYTHING.  Especially when I can google it.

So, I googled “make your own maraschino cherries,” found this great post, and made these (above).


“Grandma’s Cocktail Cherries.” I didn’t actually use the rainier cherries shown in the pic.  I used bing.  It takes about a week before they’re done so, next week, I’ll tell you if I have succeeded and can survive the apocalypse.

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