Cocktails at Home: A Death & Company Primer

Welcome to Death & Co.

I head to NYC soon and for me that means dear friends, amazing theater and music and museums, tons of walking and wandering, a bit of napping, and divine cocktails. Preparing for that last bit, I’ve been talking to friends and reading up on where to go. Among those currently at the top of my list is Death & Company in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It has an excellent reputation for magical cocktails as well as a deep bench of whisky. Many a famous cocktail recipe hails from this watering hole, too. So I went to check out their website and behold – so much useful information! I was especially impressed by their “Cocktails at Home” section which includes really smart tips on home bar necessities, ice, garnishes, and even a bunch of recipes for key drinks. Check out the site’s  menu on the left hand side to access all of the offerings. If I make it to the bar, I’ll report back. If you’ve been or if you have other online resources you love, please comment. Cheers!

Death bar

Death bar

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