Plenty of Ice and 4 other Secrets to a Perfectly Happy Life

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It’s always a little intimidating to create the first post for a brand new blog, isn’t it?  What do folks want to know? How do I set a tone?  What is so important to say that it is worth throwing my hat into the blogosphere?  

I figure I should go big or go home.  So, it makes the most sense to share with you, right off the bat, the meaning of life.  Here are the 5 Secrets to living a perfectly happy life from where I see it.

  1. Good drinks = Good Conversations = Good friendships.

    It’s no accident that we invite friends, old and new, to “grab a drink.”  This doesn’t just apply to adult beverages either.  Think about all the great meetings/dates/chats you have had at a sweet little cafe over coffee or tea.  Drinks lubricate the throat and allow conversations to flow.  And, when the conversations flow, you can go deep…get into the minds and hearts of people…share hopes and dreams.  This sharing of stories is what brings people together.  And being together with other people in meaningful ways is really the true meaning of life.

  2. If something feels hard and serious, you can always make it fun.  

    Sure, very difficult things happen in life sometimes.  In some lives more than others, unfortunately.  I am not naive about that.  However, I do know from experience that we have the power to choose play in our lives.  We can turn work into games.  We can transform any meeting into a party.  That’s what I do anyway.  And it works.  I’ll teach you how.

  3. Make stuff, even when you’re scared.  If you don’t know how to do it, who cares?

    I have been talking about creating a cocktail/entertaining blog for years.  I’ve been scared because there is so much I don’t know.  I am not a professional bartender or spirits expert.  There is so much to learn about creating cocktails, about blogging itself.  But what I know for sure is that life is all about trying new stuff, making some mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and trying again.  Once we know that, everything else falls into place.  I hope you will experiment along with me as I go.

  4. Always have plenty of ice.

    In this blog, I will share what I know about being the best amateur mixologist and party host you can be.  I know that it’s intimidating to lots of folks – What spirits should I keep on hand?  How do I even tell them apart?What about all of those tools?  And mixers?!?  Doesn’t it all get expensive? – It can all be quite simple, and fun, believe me.  It can even be quite affordable.  But, none of it can happen without ice.  Ice is THE essential element to any cocktail.  You can certainly afford it and you always need more than you think.  So, let’s start there please.  Never let me catch you without enough ice.

  5. Choose love.

    Always…because I can’t, in good conscience, create a “meaning of life” list that doesn’t include love.  Love yourself.  Love your friends and family.  Even love the unlovable.  And, please, love what you drink.

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